A large number of hiring managers report communication skills have a significant impact on their hiring decisions. These tips should help you improve your communication skills as you prepare for interviews and salary negotiations.

  1. Be comfortable selling yourself. For many people the words sales/selling makes them uncomfortable. Are you thinking “I am not a Sales person”, “I’m shy”? If you won’t sell yourself, who will? Many famous actors and successful sales people share your fears, but they survive by deciding achieving their goal is worth the effort.
  1. No one is a perfect at interviewing/negotiating salaries. Interviewing and salary negotiations require skills you didn’t learn in school. But they are skills you can learn and perfect through practice. Check out our interview tip sheet.
  1. Know yourself and be able to articulate your job related skills. Know what you are good at, what you are passionate about, how you interact with others, what is important to you and the value you will bring to an organization.
  1. Know the organization where you want to work and be prepared to ask engaging questions? A very important part of communication is being able to ask appropriate questions. What are the organizations mission, successes, and challenges?

Practice the communication skills you are developing with Interview2work. You will see how quickly you improve with practice and feedback.


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