The email just keeps coming..

The email just keeps coming..

Email is an incredibly fast and effective way to communicate with team members, clients, and your supervisor. It is estimated more than 2.6 Billion emails are sent each day. Understanding a few email best practices will increase the chances your email gets read when it pops into someone’s inbox.

Use the subject line to summarize the content of your email and required action. An email with the subject line: “Escalated client issue requires immediate action” is more likely to get immediate attention than, “Need advice on client issue.”

Start a new email thread when you change subjects. It is very confusing when you keep the same subject line but change the topic of discussion.


Use address options to indicate the actions you want to be taken:

  • If you want someone to take action or process information list them on the “To:” line.
  • If you want someone to know you have provided information to someone or asked them to take action, list them on the “Cc:” line.
  • If you want to give someone the ability to read an email without any of the other recipients knowing, use the “Bbc:” option.When you include recipients on the “bcc” line receive, their name (address) is hidden from others receiving the email.

Use the “Reply All” button wisely. The biggest complaint about email is the overuse of the “reply all” option. Use the “reply to sender” option unless you are sure everyone who received the mail wants to know your answer.

Start the first day on your new job to establishing a reputation as a person who uses emails to advance corporate goals.

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