Calendar Career Success

Calendar Career Success

Recently I responded to a question on Quora from a hardworking college student who had applied to more than 1000 jobs without getting a response. The same week I caught up with a soon-to-be graduate who is deciding between three job offers in her field. What is the difference between these two job seekers? It is not their commitment or academic performance; it is their approach to their job search.

This past week, launched the College to Career Calendar. The Calendar breaks down the job search process into weekly one hour tasks. These weekly tasks are designed to assure you have an interview securing resume, a job search advancing network, and an offer-securing interview strategy well before graduation.

This week’s task is to develop a system for capturing the information you will need to build an accomplishment based resume. The effectiveness of the system you choose depends on what works for you. Some of the methods that have worked for other students include:
• An Excel spreadsheet
• A spiral notebook
• A Word document

Whichever method you decide to use, spend time this week setting it up in a way that will make it easy for you to retrieve information about your work history, academic accomplishments, volunteer work, and extra-curricular activities.

Starting this week and continuing through May, the Intervew2work team will publish a weekly blog and Facebook livestream supporting students using the College to Career Calendar. Download the College to Career Calendar and check out other free job search resources at Join Interview2work Facebook at and Interview2work Tips For Excellence Group at for additional support.

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