This is the twenty-sixth in a series of blogs supporting the College to Career Calendar available for downloading at Today’s blog discusses how to automate your job search and other time-saving practices.

Whether you are fitting in your job search around school work or are devoting 40 hours a week to it, the more efficient you are the more opportunities you can respond to and the faster you will land a job.

Consider using these time-saving techniques:

1. Part of a job search is checking the job announcements of the employers you have on your top 40 list. Explore the job posting page to see if there is an option to set up automatic job notifications. Employers want as many qualified applicants as possible to learn about their job openings so many have a system that allows you to request notifications of jobs be sent to your email address.

2. While you are on the employer’s site, see if there is an option to fill out a candidate profile. If there is, take the time to create your profile. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend submitting an application when there is a job you are interested in.

3. For each job, you apply to create an electronic or paper file that includes the job description, the cover letter and resume you submitted, and any other information you gathered during the application processes. Keep a spreadsheet or list with the name of the company, job, and date you applied handy; you don’t want to ask, “What job did I apply for?” “Who are you?” when an employer calls.

4. Use your calendar to organize your follow-up. Set reminders to call employers a week after you submitted an application or the final filing date, whichever is later to ask if your application was received and when interviews will be scheduled. Set a reminder to contact an interviewer a week after your interview to find out the status of your candidacy. These follow-up calls demonstrate your interest in the job and ability to advocate for yourself.

5. Create a sample thank you note so when you come home exhausted from an interview all you need to do is fill in the blanks with one or two references to a specific interview. This will help you meet your goal of having thank-you notes in the mail or sent via email within 24 hours of the interview.

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