This is the thirteenth in a series of blogs supporting the College to Career Calendar available for downloading at Today’s blog discusses the first step in developing a list of companies/organizations where you would like to work.

If you had a job during high school or college, there is a good possibility your job requirements were good pay, flexible hours, and not a horrible place to work. You kept it because it helped pay bills or earn the money you needed to pay tuition or buy a car. You knew it was temporary so what you did was not as important as getting a steady paycheck. As you begin your search for your first professional position your criteria will change; you will want a job that is the first step in reaching your career goal. This requires a focused, well thought-out strategy that begins by identifying and evaluating prospective employers. The first step in this process is developing a method for managing information about companies of interest.

This week’s task is to develop a system for capturing the information about companies. The effectiveness of the system you choose depends on what works for you. Some of the methods that have worked for other students include:

An Excel spreadsheet
A spiral notebook
A Word document

Whichever method you select, create columns for the name of the company, names of company contacts and their contact information (phone and email), company website, salary range, and your notes.

In next week’s blog, we will discuss how to begin populating these fields.

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