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Today’s blog discusses how to use your LinkedIn profile to expand your job-search network. LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site. It is where recruiters go to find candidates for jobs. It is where you can connect with people who can answer career questions.

If you have not built your LinkedIn profile use our step by step tip sheet to create your online presence.

Ways to use your LinkedIn profile to advance your job search.

  • Create an accurate, interesting profile. Post your resume and samples of your work. Update your content frequently by sharing academic and professional milestones.
  • Invite others to join your network. Use the search option to find people you know. Once their profile pops up you will see a button that says “Connect”. You may need to have their email address to complete the invitation.
  • Join groups; alumni and professional groups are a great option. Find a group you would like to join, select the group and complete the request to join. The group administrator will approve/disapprove your request. When you are a part of a group you can communicate directly with other members. There is a limit on the number of groups you can join; at this writing, the number is 50. Our suggestion is you start with one or two groups and become active in them before you add more.
  • Read and comment on articles. Articles will pop onto your home page based on the groups you belong to and your individual connections. Take time to read and comment on articles of interest. Try to read and comment on at least one article a day.
  • Write articles/ ask questions of group members. You can write/ask about a topic related to your field. LinkedIn articles are not scholarly publications; rather an exchange of ideas on topics of current interest.
  • Send messages asking for information about a person’s company/career. Use the messaging system to ask career related questions of others in your field or a company on your target list. Never use the system to ask for a job.
  • Check out the members of your interview panel/ your interviewer before going to an interview.


How recruiters/hiring managers use your LinkedIn profile.

  • Prospective employers will view your LinkedIn profile before asking you for an interview.
  • Recruiters seeking candidates will do a search for individuals with the education/experience/skills they are seeking.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers will check the profile of people whose contribution to a discussion is insightful.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in career networking. Plan to continue to update your content and expand your network throughout your career.

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