You are out there looking for a job; you are networking, looking at and applying for job opportunities online, and in general getting ready for Showtime, “your interview”!

You are doing a lot of work, so let’s try to get some real value out of it. As you look for job opportunities, how do you decide whether they might be right for you? I will bet you look at the responsibilities/requirements and try to decide whether you have the right education and/or background to move forward in submitting an application.
Here is a great way to create a Prep Sheet to make decisions regarding readiness for potential jobs, to prepare for interviews, develop subject matter for cover letters and help focus resume on pertinent requirements for the position.

Put the name of a company you are interested in at the top of your page. Then create two columns, one labeled responsibilities and the other qualifications. List the job requirements of the position you are considering in the first column and your corresponding qualifications in the other.

Remember that generally job postings are looking for the ideal candidate and rarely are there perfect people for the jobs. So do not be discouraged if you are not able to match every responsibility with a qualification.

Also, as you look at information you have available, look for the hidden messages, such looking for a “team player”, with good “critical thinking”. They are telling you they are looking for someone who will fit in to their environment and has the ability to think through problems. As you see these types of statements think about assignments you have encountered or projects you have been on that demonstrate those types of skills. See our free tip sheet called “You’re qualified: translating academics into employment assets” at

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