Finding a job is a process. There are steps you need to take to be successful.

Once you get an interview and make a positive impression a hiring manager may ask about contacting your references. Sometimes the hiring manager will just start contacting people on your reference list. Make sure you select references who think highly of you personally and can vouch for your ability to get things done, your integrity, how you will fit into a team environment, or how well you can work on your own. Select former bosses, educators, friends and other professional people with whom you have interacted to be references.

People are honored when you ask them to be a reference, but may not know what to write or say. Give them some help. Tell them the name of the company and the job position for which you are interviewing. Also, share a copy of your resume and information about why you are qualified for the job for which you are interviewing.

After you have completed your interview, it would be nice if you could give your reference a short synopsis of how it went and what areas you/or the hiring manager focused on. It gives them time to prepare to answer the hiring manger’s questions and talk about your strengths.

And finally, don’t forget to thank your references, and let them know if you got the job!

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