You are getting interviews, but you are not getting job offers. It is exciting to get calls to interview, but there is nothing that can bring you down faster than not receiving a call inviting you to a second interview or offering you the job.
If this is the case, you need to do some serious thinking and self-evaluation. There are often many candidates for the same position. What determines who gets the job? You might be surprised to learn how many issues impact the hiring decision.
Let’s look a few. Interviewers are human and come with preconceived notions they have built up over their lifetime. All hiring managers want to select the best candidate for the job. If you ask any hiring manager what is one of the biggest mistakes you have made in your job, very likely the answer will be “hiring the wrong person.” Hiring mistakes are costly and time-consuming, and managers work hard to avoid making them.
Here are some of the things that you can do to make yourself a more competitive candidate:
• Never try to wing an interview, be as fully prepared as possible. You should start creating an electronic folder for any company you apply to for employment. Make a list of the job requirements provided by the company. Opposite each requirement list your qualifications. Do this and you should be ready for the first interview.
• Know the employer’s mission, values, what they are working on and what is most important to them. Do this research up front; it can help you decide if this is a company that you want to call home.
• After any interview, as soon as you finish, take a few minutes to go over the interview while things are fresh in your mind. What did I do well, what could I have done better? Were there questions that you had not expected? Jot them down. Use them as you prepare for future interviews.
• Always drop the interviewer a note thanking them for their time and the opportunity to interview. You can use this time to correct any answers you wished you had answered differently or in greater detail.
• Remember this is a two-way street, is the job you interviewed for a good match for you and the company?

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