Greetings, I have talked to a number of graduates in the last week and they wanted to know if it was worth the effort to try to look for employment during the holidays. They seemed to think that everyone was pretty focused on shopping, partying and family get-togethers, and I agree that is true. However, I want to remind everyone that all that socializing and getting together is a perfect time to network with people.

According to Wendi Weiner’s article in Forbes Magazine,” the holidays are a great time to re-connect, send holiday greetings to former colleagues, and open new doors to future opportunities

If you want to make networking productive, you have to do some preparation. If you are looking for a job, you want your network to know about it, and to be clear on exactly what type of job you are looking for and the companies that you are interested in. The more people you network with the wider the net you cast.

What many job seekers forget is that the bigger your network is the more help you are liable to get. Say you talk with 10 people you know and let them know what you are looking for, and they in turn talk to just 5 of their contacts. All of a sudden you have increased your network from 10 people to a potential 50 people. And the beauty of this group of people is that they will not be “cold calls”. They are now much easier to talk with because they are a friend of a friend. And once you make several good contacts from that group, you can ask if they know people that might be able to help.

Often times what you get are warm referrals into companies that you are targeting, which is always one of your goals. Someone you know taking your resume or job application to a hiring manager, with a good word about you simply cannot hurt your chances of landing that interview.

Preparing to network
Have a clear elevator speech, and indicate “what kind of jobs I am look for”
Develop a list of companies you are interested working for
Know what you need to get out of each networking conversation: gain another network contact
and information about companies you are interested in

Please continue to let me know what type of assistance you need, I will see you next week.


Susan and Lorraine

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