Are people beginning to wonder why you have not landed a job? Launched your career? There is a wonderful scene in the movie “The Graduate,” where a new college graduate, Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman), is the guest of honor at a party of his parent’s friends. The party guests bombard him with career advice. After a while, he goes in the house, reappears in scuba gear, and spends the rest of the party underwater in his pool. If you identify with Benjamin, with or without the scuba gear, you may find the following suggestions helpful.

What do you want to do? It may not be what you studied in college. As a child, did you have a dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up? There may be elements of that career that still intrigue you.

Do you know someone who has an interesting job? Ask if you can meet and talk about what they do. Even better, ask if you can spend a few hours on the job with them.

Still wondering what career path you should follow? Make an appointment with a professional Career Counselor; a few hours spent with a career counselor can save years of doing something you hate.

Once you discover the career path you want to follow, you will find the application, interview, and salary negotiation process interesting and engaging. And you can use all those interactions with well-meaning friends and family as opportunities to share your career vision and ask for help.

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