If a new job is on your 2018 career “must-do” list discover what many successful job seekers have learned; this time of year is a great time to make contacts that lead to job offers. Traditionally there is an increase in hiring the second week of January that lasts until the middle of February which means companies are starting to look for qualified candidates over the holidays.  And many companies are willing to negotiate a start date that coincides with a candidate’s graduation date. So how do you turn your winter break into a career breakthrough? Here are a few ideas.


  • When people ask what you plan to do after your graduate give specific details of what you would like to do and ask if they have suggestions of people you could contact about job opportunities.
  • Contact companies you would like to work for and ask to meet with the head of the department where you would like to work. For many companies, the work pace slows a little between Christmas and New Year’s and managers have more time for informational interviews.
  • Engage your family and friends in your job search. Provide them with the information they need to help you find jobs in your fields. Be specific about job titles and companies on your target list. Ask them to watch for opportunities and introduce you to people they feel can help you in your search.

Need a little more motivation? April, May, and June are often the most difficult times to find employment.

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