Greetings students and new graduates! This is an exciting day for us, we have been wanting to have a communication vehicle and this is it.
We would love to hear from you. We know how exciting and scary it is to leave the hallowed halls and embark on a new venture. Generally the new adventure begins with finding a job. After all, that is why you have been studying, right? Right!
I have been working with grads for some time now and I hope that this will be the blog you will use for information, what is trending, advice, coaching etc. This is part of our job and we love it. That is why we want to hear from you.
What is it that is perplexing you about job search? We are experts on interviewing, negotiating salaries and kick starting your career once you land that job. We want to be blogging about what worries you. Things like: What questions will I be asked? How do I show how my school work and projects have prepared me for the job I am interviewing for?
I hope you will help us! We will be producing a new blog every week. We are the coaches in your corner and have the expertise to answer your questions and the network to refer you to the resources that you will need going forward.
See you next week!
Susan and Lorraine

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