getting fired

The line that Donald Trump made famous on reality TV became Corey Lewandowski reality when he was fired by Mr. Trump. Within hours of being terminated, Mr. Lewandowski became the newest role model for how to handle being fired. Like most savvy professionals, he knows being fired is the last step before landing a new job.

It may seem strange to be reading about how to handle being fired in a blog that focuses on getting hired, but handling a termination well can be the difference between an extended period of unemployment and financial stress and a smooth transition into a new job.

What did we learn from Mr. Lewandowski?

  • You can exceed expectations and lose your job; he managed a history-making political campaign, against overwhelming odds earned his employer the Republican Party nomination, and then got fired.
  • Make the most of the termination discussion; the details of his severance package may never be known, but I am sure the chat Mr. Lewandowski had with Mr. Trump resulted in financial and professional compensations.
  • Never say anything bad about a previous employer; Mr. Lewandowski quickly accepted interviews on national television and praised Mr. Trump, his organization, and family. He was immediately seen as team player able to handle stress.

It is always a good idea to have a two-part “exit plan”.

Part one is a well thought out request for severance pay, continuation of benefits for a specified amount of time, a letter of recommendation, and public statements about your termination. You may not get everything you want, but you might not get anything if you don’t ask.

is maintaining your professionalism and confidence; the first conversation you have after a termination may be with a prospective employer.

Companies downsize, off-shore, terminate, and layoff people every day. Be prepared.


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